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v1.1.87 (November 15th 2021)

  • Fixed comparison of Casts
  • Added :: cast notation when changing data type of a column
  • Fixed filtering of tables to schema for data projects

v1.1.86 (October 5th 2021)

  • Fixed navigation and display of data projects

v1.1.85 (September 22nd 2021)

  • Added comparison of Configuration Parameters

v1.1.84 (September 13th 2021)

  • Added history view

v1.1.83 (August 5th 2021)

  • Fix comparison of partitions when comparing single schemas

v1.1.82 (July 31st 2021)

  • Ignore differing schema names when comparing single schemas

v1.1.80 (June 20th 2021)

  • Compare and deploy table partitions
  • Fix bug deploying timestamp vs timestamp(0) differences

v1.1.79 (June 13th 2021)

  • Ensure that adding a column comes before adding a foreign key

v1.1.78 (June 4th 2021)

  • Resolve issue comparing domains

v1.1.76 (June 2nd 2021)

  • Resolve ‘keynotfound’ issue with data comparison
  • Resolve ‘keynotfound’ issue with schema comparison

v1.1.75 (May 31st 2021)

  • Performance improvements, filtering by schema

v1.1.74 (May 2nd 2021)

  • Index include columns
  • Index column operator class names
  • Fix issue where an index implementing a fk constraint was being excluded
  • Fix ordering of deployment script when DROP/CREATE a view

v1.1.71 (April 2nd 2021)

  • Compare range types
  • Store and recover window state between launches
  • Include extensions when comparing single schemas

v1.1.69 (March 22nd 2021)

  • Add sample project option
  • Add ignore default arguments option

v1.1.68 (March 15th 2021)

  • Grant/Revoke privileges in deploy script
  • Show script folder progress
  • Add a description for a project

v1.1.67 (March 8th 2021)

  • Sort differences with identical last
  • Added edit project button
  • Add view dependency planning

v1.1.66 (March 1st 2021)

  • Add remaining object types to scripts folder creation
  • Fix issue comparing check constraint definitions between postgres versions

v1.1.65 (Feb 22nd 2021)

  • Added first pass at scripts folder creation

v1.1.64 (Feb 15th 2021)

  • Fix data compare issue where no options presented for tables to compare
  • Sort schemas alphabetically when setting up projects

v1.1.63 (Feb 8th 2021)

  • Add scripting of owner of sequences, enums, domains and aggregates

v1.1.61 (Feb 1st 2021)

  • Add comparison of Aggregates
  • New dependency calculation when generating scripts

v1.1.60 (Jan 25th 2021)

  • Add comparison of privileges for functions, views, sequences, schemas, databases, tablespaces.

v1.1.59 (Jan 21st 2021)

  • Fixed test connection feedback

v1.1.58 (Jan 18th 2021)

  • Improved comparison performance
  • Fixed v12 issue where WHEN clause was missing

v1.1.57 (Jan 6th 2021)

  • Add comparison of privileges

v1.1.52 (Dec 1st 2020)

  • Fix data compare ‘Sequence contains no elements’

v1.1.51 (Nov 1st 2020)

  • Fix deployment of CREATE POLICY
  • Added deployment of altered primary key

v1.1.50 (Oct 12th 2020)

  • Fix title bar on MacOS
  • Improve query performance

v1.1.49 (Oct 3rd 2020)

  • Fix export report/save script

v1.1.48 (Sept 16th 2020)

  • Fix frozen UI issue after editing project
  • Add new onboarding

v1.1.47 (Sept 8th 2020)

  • Detect differences in the partition by clause.
  • Include command line interface

v1.1.46 (August 30th 2020)

  • Fix issus where Citus tables were being ignored
  • UI refactoring

v1.1.42 (August 8th 2020)

  • Fix issues comparing data using unique index and when some columns are missing
  • Persist filter on projects list
  • Select first non-identical object when navigating to a comparison

v1.1.41 (August 3rd 2020)

  • Add environment variables to control logging/data locations
  • Add comments on Domain, Composite Type and MView

v1.1.40 (July 19th 2020)

  • Add CSV report of comparison results
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Fix duplicate CHECK keywords when adding check constraints in pg12
  • Add CREATE/DROP of Policies

v1.1.39 (July 6th 2020)

  • Fix comparing views where underlying column has changed
  • Fix scripting of Procedure signature change
  • Fix scripting of NOT NULL when column is primary key
  • Fix draft data compare options

v1.1.38 (June 15th 2020)

  • Remove Easter Egg
  • Fix missing properties OnUpdate, ReturnsSet

v1.1.37 (June 4th 2020)

  • Add Easter Egg

v1.1.35 (May 31st 2020)

  • Improve performance of populating comments
  • Fix fetching argument defaults
  • Fix issue where UI can become responsive on click of “view comparison”

v1.1.34 (May 25th 2020)

  • Add data compare beta

v1.1.33 (March 29th 2020)

  • Fix deploying column comments
  • Refactor options

v1.1.32 (March 24th 2020)

  • Deploy precision differences

v1.1.31 (March 10th 2020)

  • UI improvements
  • Fix column name escaping in unique constraint
  • Fix expression index parsing

v1.1.30 (February 24th 2020)

  • UI improvements
  • Add ‘ignore column order’ option

v1.1.28 (January 21st 2020)

  • Deploy serial datatype changes
  • Support v9.3

v1.1.27 (January 14th 2020)


  • Running comparison restarting


  • Deploy identity column differences

v1.1.26 (January 13th 2020)


  • Null exception being thrown from CheckConstraintBuilder
  • Max length missing when altering column datatype
  • COMMENT ON PROCEDURE using incorrect name


  • Order columns and comments alphabetically for a cleaner diff
  • Deploy new primary key constraint
  • Alter deferrable constraint (instead of drop/create)
  • Reset scroll when filtering

v1.1.25 (January 7th 2020)

  • Fix issue where script was appearing blank

v1.1.24 (January 5th 2020)

  • Add ignore case option
  • Fix issue where column storage type was being altered before data type

v1.1.23 (January 1st 2020)

  • Add deployment of deleted check, unique and fk constraints
  • Fix issue where inline code comments were not being ignore correctly

v1.1.22 (December 30th 2019)

  • Add deployment of altered check and unique constraints
  • Fix issue on Pg < 10 where regexpr_match does not exist

v1.1.21 (December 26th 2019)

  • New option to ignore comments in code when comparing
  • Handle triggers on partitions

v1.1.20 (December 16th 2019)

  • Include schema name for function return types
  • Include constraints and collations for domains
  • Include schema name for domains

v1.1.19 (October 28th 2019)

  • Fixed scripting of precision for time and timestamp columns

v1.1.18 (October 27th 2019)

  • Fixed issue where PostgresCompare was adding whitespace to functions

v1.1.17 (October 24th 2019)

  • Fixed Language and FunctionVolatility display properties
  • Fixed issue where new indexes were not being deployed
  • Added copy button to script create screen

v1.1.16 (October 15th 2019)

  • Add PostgreSQL 12 support

v1.1.15 (September 30th 2019)

  • Fix bug where comparing indexes threw ‘sequence has no matching elements’ exception

v1.1.14 (September 30th 2019)

  • Add client ssl certificate support
  • Fix bug where attributes of composite types were not being compared

v1.1.13 (September 23rd 2019)

  • Add option to ignore tablespaces
  • Add updated at and number of comparisons to project tile
  • Bug fix: deploy new Materialized View
  • Bug fix: composite type owners not being ignored
  • Bug fix: exception while comparing “failed to find type with id …”
  • Bug fix: failed comparison tile showed “in progress”
  • Script fixes: partition by, trigger function, partial indexes

v1.1.12 (September 16th 2019)

  • Add shared projects

v1.1.11 (August 4th 2019)

  • Add ability to copy a project
  • Add DROP and CREATE enum with deleted values
  • Drop Triggers first, functions last

v1.1.10 (July 28th 2019)

  • Drop and create views and functions when arguments are changed
  • Order constraints so that they are added after columns

v1.1.9 (July 25th 2019)

  • Support indexes on expressions
  • Properly quote column names in RETURNS TABLE functions

v1.1.8 (July 21st 2019)

  • Escape passwords correctly
  • Fix issue where deployment script ui would crash

v1.1.7 (July 18th 2019)

  • Order constraints alphabetically for a cleaner script
  • Performance improvements when rendering the create SQL

v1.1.6 (July 11th 2019)

  • Support adding new foreign keys
  • Support altering table and column comments

v1.1.5 (July 8th 2019)

  • Support HTTPS_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY environment variables
  • When using “ignore owner” don’t output ALTER OWNER statement
  • Fix incorrectly quoted datatypes in CREATE FUNCTION

v1.1.4 (July 3rd 2019)

  • Add support for new unique constraints
  • Fix issue re: arrays as datatypes in UDTs
  • Add split/inline view option

v1.1.3 (June 30th 2019)

  • Add deploy of dropped and altered views
  • Exclude sequences, operators, operator families and text search objects that are internal

v1.1.2 (June 28th 2019)

  • Fix issue where deployment script would detect a dependency cycle and throw an Exception

v1.1.1 (June 26th 2019)

  • Replaced editor component
  • Fix issue creating deployment script when Foreign Tables present
  • Fix “invalid date” issue

v1.1.0 (June 24th 2019)

  • Replaced editor component
  • Fixed object filters

v1.0.55 (June 19th 2019)

  • Fix comparison of single schemas

v1.0.54 (June 14th 2019)

  • Fix parsing of default function arguments

v1.0.53 (June 10th 2019)

  • Fix problem scripting Materialized View refresh
  • Fix scripting issues with sequences, types, functions and arrays

v1.0.52 (June 2nd 2019)

  • Fix bug setting argument defaults
  • Add resize bar to comparison details
  • Persist default pagesize of differences list

v1.0.51 (May 29th 2019)

  • Fix issue where scripting ui was not working when comparing single schemas

v1.0.50 (May 19th 2019)

  • Add Materialized View deployment
  • Add Enum deployment

v1.0.49 (May 12th 2019)

  • Show spinner when checking for updates
  • Add “Show identical objects” link

v1.0.48 (May 10th 2019)

  • Add “Object Types to Compare” project tab

v1.0.47 (May 5th 2019)

  • Fix graphs on deployment page
  • Fix recompare after deployment
  • Add filters to script page
  • Start Data Compare beta

v1.0.46 (April 29th 2019)

  • Fixed issue scripting precision and scale differences

v1.0.45 (April 27th 2019)

  • Added licensing

v1.0.44-beta (April 2nd 2019)

  • Added auto-update to the Windows build
  • Signed the Windows executables
  • Now shipping installers for Windows and mac

v1.0.43-beta (March 24th 2019)

  • Added friendly names and pie chart to comparison tiles
  • Fixed issue creating script where Snapshot navigation property could not be found
  • Added button to check all connections at once
  • Added button to clear all previous comparisons
  • Aligned colours everywhere to have same meaning ‘new, different, dropeed, identical’

v1.0.42-beta (March 15th 2019)

  • Added overview tab to comparison view
  • Fixed issue where delete was not cascading correctly
  • Added tablespace scripting to tables
  • Added ability to alter varchar size
  • Allow triggers with same name but different table

v1.0.41-beta (February 24th 2019)

  • Added auto-update for macOS
  • Fixed issue where comparison appeared to freeze
  • Ignore exception when reading from sequence user doesn’t have access to

v1.0.40-beta (February 17th 2019)

  • Deployment screen now highlights errors

v1.0.39-beta (February 10th 2019)

  • Add option to ignore object owner
  • Add filter to exclude tables that match a pattern
  • Fix error while querying pg_partitioned_table

v1.0.38-alpha (February 3rd 2019)

  • Make comparisons and deployments cancellable
  • Add filter for just different objects

v1.0.37-alpha (January 23rd 2019)

  • Fix issue querying pg_partitioned_table pre v10
  • Add detailed and change sql panels

v1.0.36-alpha (January 20th 2019)

  • Add option to ignore column order
  • Add option to ignore table partitions

v1.0.35-alpha (January 8th 2019)

  • Fix null reference exception when comparing single schemas

v1.0.34-alpha (January 6th 2019)

  • Add support for comparing single schemas

v1.0.33-alpha (December 31st 2018)

  • Fixed issue where script window would not return with result
  • Fixed issue with reading sequences on versions < 10
  • Added icons to comparison view

v1.0.32-alpha (December 26th 2018)

  • Added comparison of access methods, casts, conversions, event triggers, foreign data wrappers, operator families
  • Added comparison of tablespaces, foreign servers, text search parsers, text search templates, text search configs
  • Added comparison of text search dictionaries, user mappings, publications, subscriptions, statistics, policies
  • Added comparison enums, collations, sequences, operators and foreign tables
  • Fixed issue showing UTC time on artifacts instead of local time

v1.0.31-alpha (November 22nd 2018)

  • Fix PostgreSQL 9.4

v1.0.30-alpha (November 19th 2018)

  • Improve scripting of functions
  • Add comparison of procedures for Pg 11

v1.0.29-alpha (October 18th 2018)

  • Added comparison before and after deployment to UI
  • Fix bug where columns were not being compared
  • Fix bug where comparison results were being duplicated in the UI

v1.0.28-alpha (October 10th 2018)

  • Added real time comparison results feature

v1.0.27-alpha (October 1st 2018)

  • Added option to ignore whitespace differences when comparing functions
  • Added more detailed progress reporting
  • Added deployment of functions
  • Fixed bug where serial columns were considered different due to their default value differing

v1.0.26-alpha (September 23rd 2018)

  • Added dropdown selects to filter fields on comparison screen
  • Added “Most Recent” and “Previous” to comparison and deployment list
  • Added alter column datatype, default, statistics, not null, storage
  • Added alter table inherits, owner, comments, cluster
  • Changed “Deployment…” CTAs to “Script..” so it’s not so scary :)
  • Improved performance of comparison and deployments list fetching
  • Fixed issue where removing system triggers at snapshot time would cause an exception later when comparing

v1.0.25-alpha (September 9th 2018)

  • Added searchable/sortable table to the comparison and deployments screens
  • Fixed bug where self-referencing foreign keys were producing circular dependencies
  • Fixed bug where indexes were being created before the table they depend on
  • Fixed bug where removing extension types for comparison was causing a crash (KeyNotFoundException) when those types were needed for a table definition later

v1.0.24-alpha (September 3rd 2018)

  • Performance improvements
  • Added progress reporting to notifications
  • Defaults and placeholders added to new environment and new project forms
  • Removed snapshots tab

v1.0.23-alpha (August 26th 2018)

  • Replace tables with cards for environments, projects, comparisons, deployments and snapshots
  • Added schema name to comparison and new script pages
  • Fixed v11 snapshotting due to removed attributes

v1.0.22-alpha (August 19th 2018)

  • Added deployment step to new script window
  • Added support for Domains, Extensions and Materialized Views
  • Added ordering script by dependencies

v1.0.21-alpha (July 8th 2018)

  • Added new script window

v1.0.20-alpha (June 17th 2018)

  • Added editable projects
  • Added navigate via notifications

v1.0.19-alpha (June 11th 2018)

  • Added projects
  • Added editable environments

v1.0.18-alpha (May 17th 2018)

  • Improved error reporting

v1.0.17-alpha (May 7th 2018)

  • Changed: buttons now available alongside each other
  • Fixed: constraint indexes appearing in comparison
  • Changed: improved performance of snapshots and comparison

v1.0.16-alpha (April 29th 2018)

  • Added: comparison of Composite Types
  • Fixed: quoted identifiers not being used

v1.0.15-alpha (April 21st 2018)

  • Added: comparison of Schemas
  • Fixed: support for PostgreSQL 9.4
  • Fixed: toast tables and indexes appearing in comparison
  • Changed: removed db objects other than connected database

v1.0.14-alpha (April 17th 2018)

  • Added: comparison of Indexes

v1.0.13-alpha (April 15th 2018)

  • Added: comparison of Roles/Users

v1.0.12-alpha (April 12th 2018)

  • Fixed: function comparison failing when trying to compare a function with no arguments

v1.0.11-alpha (April 12th 2018)

  • Added: basic Function comparison and snapshotting
  • Changed: excluded pg_catalog procedures from queries for better performance

v1.0.10-alpha (April 10th 2018)

  • Fixed: SchemaName throwing an error on script compare
  • Fixed: incorrect default for columns

v1.0.9-alpha (April 8th 2018)

  • Fixed: objects being matched from different schemas
  • Fixed: invisible differences due to different schema owner
  • Fixed: ordering of differences
  • Added: muted text for identical objects
  • Added: improved performance for large comparisons

v1.0.8-alpha (April 5th 2018)

  • Fixed: ‘System.InvalidCastException: Object must implement IConvertible.’ error

v1.0.7-alpha (April 2nd 2018)

  • Added: Persistence of data across builds
  • Added: macOS build signing
  • Fixed: Triggers appearing in every schema
  • Fixed: ‘Can’t convert infinite timestamptz values to DateTime’ error
  • Fixed: macOS build not saving environments

v1.0.6-alpha (March 27th 2018)

  • Added: better scripting of Triggers
  • Added: basic comparison of Triggers
  • Fixed: start comparison from dropdown menu on list of environments

v1.0.5-alpha (March 26th 2018)

  • Fixed: attempting to read from pg_authid throwing an error, replaced with pg_roles
  • Added: snapshot and comparison of Views
  • Added: basic snapshot of Triggers
  • Added: ability to report an error via email

v1.0.4-alpha (March 21st 2018)

  • Fixed: Internal triggers (to support constraints) causing tables to appear as different

v1.0.3-alpha (March 19th 2018)

  • Fixed: Test connection button remains checked after closing New Environment modal
  • Added: Logging of exceptions during snapshot, comparison, script and deploy to file

v1.0.2-alpha (March 18th 2018)

  • Fixed: Comparison an snapshot tasks not informing the UI when an error occured.
  • Fixed: Phantom snapshots appearing as artifacts of comparisons.
  • Changed: Updated notifications to show a progress bar for the running task.

v1.0.1-alpha (March 16th 2018)

  • Fixed: Comparisons and snapshots seemingly running forever. This was caused by an issue reading pg_catalog.pg_index where indpred was not NULL. The app would throw an exception but not inform the ui that the task had failed.

v1.0.0-alpha (March 14th 2018)